About Insulation Kent

We are one of the leading insulation installation companies located in the UK and work alongside South East Insulation. We cater to a variety of commercial and residential clients who need quality insulation installed under budget. We understand what it takes to make the customer happy and try to do that as best we can. Our track record shows just how much our past clients enjoyed our services and prices.

The world of insulation has changed and expanded over the past fifty years. Today, there are several types of insulation and techniques used to keep it in place. Here are a few of the basic services we cover.

Your Walls Need To Be Insulated.

Homes are built from walls and all walls can be insulated in some shape or form. Surprisingly, about 1/3rd of the heat lost in a home is lost through walls with poor insulation. The very nature of heat forces it to constantly move to a colder area, which means it will try its hardest to move through your walls to the outside air.

If you have a home built before the 1990’s, then you may not have insulated walls. Without proper insulation in the walls you are constantly warming the outside air, thus wasting considerably more energy and more money than you normally would to maintain a comfortable temperature.

We can install insulation in your walls if you live in a home without it. You’ll notice an immediate difference the day the insulation is put in place. You generally have two options to work with and the one that is right for you depends on the type of walls in your home.

Cavity And Solid Wall Insulation.

The first type of insulation we can install in your home is cavity wall insulation. Cavity walls are extremely common throughout the UK. It is basically two walls with a slight gap in between them. The gap is referred to as the cavity. The wall on the outside may be made of brick or stone while the inside wall wood or brick.

More modern homes are more likely to have cavity walls. Homes built after the 1920’s are usually cavity walls. These are also the easiest to work with in terms of installing insulation. Installation involves drilling a few small holes and then blowing in the insulation. It’s a very quick and simple process that can save big dollars year-round on energy bills.

Solid walls are slightly more difficult to insulate, but have no fear, we can work with them as well. The easiest method for insulating solid walls is by installing additional insulation boards on the wall’s interior. The insulation board is then covered with cladding or plaster.

Solid walls still tend to lose heat more quickly than cavity walls when insulated this way. The heat loss can be reduced by making the insulation boards thicker. In the long run you’re still saving money by wasting less energy.

We Want To Help You.

We don’t like the idea of anyone living in a home without insulation. Not only is probably uncomfortable, but it’s a guaranteed way to waste energy and money. Find out if your walls need to be insulated and then let us know.